Who Uses MIS Reports?


Who Uses MIS Reports?

MIS systems automatically collect data from various areas within a business. These systems are capable of producing daily reports that can be sent to key members throughout the organization. Most MIS systems can also generate on-demand reports. On-demand MIS reports allow managers and other users of the system to generate an MIS report whenever they need it.

Many large businesses have specialized MIS departments, whose only job is to gather business information and create MIS reports. Some of these businesses use sophisticated computing technology and software to gather information. However, the method of collecting information does not have to be that complex. Smaller businesses often use simple software programs and spreadsheets for their MIS reporting needs.

There can be as many types of MIS reports as there are divisions within a business. For example, information about sales revenue and business expenses would be useful in MIS reports for finance and accounting managers. Warehouse managers would benefit from MIS reports about product inventory and shipping information. Total sales from the past year could go into an MIS report for marketing and sales managers.

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