Webmaster Search Query Analysis For Brand Keyword

Many times peoples are used search analytics of webmaster to find out the most performing keyword of our website. But there is another use of this analysis to find out how our brand is performing on the web. When you try to rank organically and perform some SEO strategies. So after some time like weeks, we get some impression to the pages and then we can find out which keyword get more impression on the web.

So the question is how can you find your brand keyword is people search on the web?

So let’s go to find out our brand keyword First export list of the keywords those are most performing. Filter out our brand keyword (also include the spelling mistakes) If your brand is XYZ and selling the products like mobile, you need to find out the where is xyz word is mention. This is the example of our keyword list ( Filter with the brand name)
  • xyz mobile
  • xyz mobile phones
  • phones of xyz
  • xyz brand
  • about xyz
This is good insight if your brand keyword is performing. You can also analyse which pages with the brand keyword are performing. There are so many works which have to do before this activity like social promotion, online promotion etc. so people can know about it and for more information, they can search for it on google. If your brand is new then this insight help you.