PTEngine Best Tool For Heat Map and Analytics With Free Subscription


Many marketers and web developer always hungry about how peoples are interacting on our website. So here the heat map is very important because it gives a clear idea about the clicks on the website or certain web pages.
Google analytics is the best tool for deep website analysis but here is the issue Google Analytics does not give the proper heat map of the website. So the question is what is the alternative is and those are not paid?
PTEngine is the best alternative tool for heat map. Its give a proper heat map of the website with clicks and clicks are shows on screen with a colour combination so marketer or developer quickly done its analysis.

There some more feature of the PTEngine

Visualize and Fix Gaps In Your Online Sales Funnel
Use website heatmaps and analytics to observe and understand visitor behavior and decisions on your site.
Find and address gaps in visitor experiences across all your digital marketing touchpoints.

Deeply Understand and Win Customers
Understand what attracts or loses your site visitors by visualizing their behavior and experiences. Improve your online marketing funnel, landing pages and advertisements to generate more conversions and sales.

Run Winning Campaigns
See and fully understand which online marketing campaigns and channels bring revenue and which ones bring visitors who don’t engage and waste budget. Invest in and build on what’s working and cut out what’s not.

Quickly Scale Up Growth
Easy to understand visual insights allows anyone and everyone on your team to find and fix gaps in online customer engagements and contribute to ROI. Easily bring more people, budget, web pages, channels and campaigns into the Ptengine methodology and exponentialize growth.

PTEngine is free for 10k pageviews you can try this.