Octoparse a Better Option To Crawl Data


Octoparse is a better option to crawl a data from a different website. In the era of digital marketing, we need more accuracy on data. We have a knowledge about what customers, users, buyers say about us on the different digital platform. So, we need data about the customer and its review or comment on us. And data is huge we can’t copy it manually on our excel sheet so here we need an automated tool so those can easily work for us. There is another option is Python script but all users cant do this because you should be expert in coding. So there you have only one option is to use an automated tool.
Here the better option is Octoparse easy tool for you. You can easily manage it. Also, there have user-defined processes for customized data or operation.
How we can do this.
1)Download the latest Octoparse Software.
2)Installed this tool in your system and fill your details.
3)Add a task in this system for your customized data crawling.
4)Extract this data and export it in CSV file.
5)Now you can use this a per your requirement.