How To Check Real Rating of Amazon Products ?


Many sellers pushing a fake review on amazon to build a positive impact on the customers, but it’s not good practice. Fake reviews are also fooling the buyers. It will be misleading the consumers. Amazon also tries to track this data but not always easy to find out those things. So the question is coming to mind to the consumers that product is good or not?
And if these reviews are fake? How can we check them?
But, thanks many tools are available to track those fake things. FakeSpot is one of the tools which helps us to check the real rating of any ASIN of product on amazon. We just need to add this tool to our browser.
When you add it to the browser open the amazon website and try to check any product. Then you will be able to see the actual rating of the ASIN and the clean rating on the other side.
Try this Fakespot tool to check the fake ratings on amazon.

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