Get 3x More Amazon Reviews

Get 3x More Amazon Reviews

For a better sale on Amazon, we need better reviews for products that can increase the conversion ratio of purchase on Amazon.

For reviews monitoring, we need an automation tool to manage them. So here SageMailer is the best tool for it. It can manage your reviews, get an instant alert of reviews. So, you can easily take actions of negative reviews that can be converted into positive. By getting a better reply from the seller side it will increase the chance of customer to change the negative reviews into positive.

SageMailer helps to send the mailer to the buyer for a review request. It can help to increase the review count on our products.

For new brands, it’s better to increase reviews on the brands from real customers to get actual feedback of a brand. It helps the brand to grow in the right direction.

Key functions of Sagemailer

SageMailer gives you the interactive dashboard for better management of reviews, customers as well as for the products.

DashBoard – Here you can see orders graph for last the 15 days. Send emails to count for the month. Send emails list and scheduled email list.
Campaigns – Here you can set the mailer template for the customers.
Emails – In this tab, you can see a list of sent emails and scheduled emails.
Product– In the product tab you can see a list of products with basic edit options.
Feedback – In the feedback tab you can see the customer reviews for a seller.

Reviews is the main section of the SageMailer. You can mange your reviews. Give a quick reply to customers. You can also export the all reviews in one click.