Best Responsive Coupon Theme for WP


The theme provides everything you need to build an affiliate coupon code websites that allow visitors to browse coupons and deals provided by third party stores. You would then earn money from the referral or sales made.

Powerful Coupon Listing With Filters

Detailed design & easy-to-use, powerful coupon listing system has everything you need to delivered coupons to your users.

Coupon Expiry Options

Decide what happens to coupon codes when they expire. Either delete them, move them to a draft mode or leave them as-is and highlight them differently.

Load more coupons with Ajax

Let your visitors load more coupons without reload the page for better experience.

Ajax Login & Sign Up Modal

Your visitors don’t need to visit a new page to login or register. You can easily add a login/logout link to your main navigation. Once someone clicked on that link, a login panel will be popped up.

Quick Store Ajax Search

Boost your user experience by providing a user friendly Ajax powered search form.

Dedicated Store & Category Pages

The theme includes two additional page templates which automatically update and display your entire list of coupon categories and stores. It’s a great way to allow your visitors to browse.

Coupon & Offer Modal Box

WP Coupon theme lets you customize the way coupons are viewed with built-in auto redirect to store affiliate URL in previous tab and open coupon modal.

Flexible Coupon Type

Our coupon theme supports the three main affiliate coupon code types which are online coupon codes, website offers and offline printable coupon codes.

Single Coupon With Better User Experience

Coupon success meter.
Track coupon usage.
Share coupon via social media or email.
Ajax comments, without reload the page.
Auto redirect to affiliate link when clicked


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